15 Benefits of Using an Equal Eats Dietary Card

What is an Allergy Card, and how can it help you dine safer?

What is an allergy card, and how can it help you eat safer?

Thank you Ruth Holroyd from What Allergy? for creating this comprehensive list on 15 benefits for Equal Eats Allergy Cards

  1. Helps communicate – You can easily communicate your allergies to staff. Particularly if you have more than one allergy, it can get lost on translation. This way staff can take your card to the kitchen.

  2. Avoid confusion – How many times do waiting staff return with the gluten free or vegan menu when you mention your nut allergy. I don’t know why this happens so much but these little cards should help avoid confusion.

  3. So simple – They are written in simple, concise and strong language so servers and chefs can understand what’s required and how much care to take.

  4. Customised – Tailor them to your needs, whether you have one allergy, multiple allergies, intolerances, coeliac disease or other dietary needs, there is a card for you.

  5. Affordable – For the cost of a few cups of coffee you can have peace of mind that the card can help you bridge language barriers, loud restaurants, etc. and keep you safe. It’s another piece of armour to stay safe with your allergies.

  6. Shyness – I know lots of people don’t like speaking up about their allergies and get embarrassed, so you can discreetly pass this card to staff to read and hopefully it will make things a little easier for you.

  7. Translations – They are customisable to 50 languages and these have been verified and checked by native speakers in those countries so you can travel safe with the knowledge that your allergies will be communicated.

  8. Reviews – These cards are popular. They have over 150 amazing reviews and mine is one of them. Anything that makes eating out with allergies easier gets my vote.

  9. Digital cards – You can get digital cards to have on your phone so it’s with you at all times.

  10. PrintableYou can print these at home so if you lose a card you have a backup.

  11. Smart – these cards are smart and stylish and have been carefully designed so you can use them with pride.

  12. Accessories – You can also get sticky notes, card sleeves, card holders and more accessories coming on line soon.

  13. Gift cards – Give the gift of peace of mind and added safety by offering these as a gift to your allergic friend.

  14. Peace of mind – I do lots of things to help with my anxiety, like always carry my adrenaline, wearing a medical bracelet, calling restaurants ahead to discuss allergies, etc. This is just one more thing in your arsenal of helping you feel more in control of a frightening health condition.

  15. Chefs like them – Chefs who have been asked about these cards say they really help. Better than having information on a phone that a customer may not want to part with or verbal messages of hand written notes that can be mis-read or mis heard and mis understood.

Many of the cards are already discounted so you could get a real bargain.

Personally I can’t wait to try these cards out next time I eat out. I’d love to know, do you carry allergen cards with you when you eat out? How do you communicate your allergies to staff? I’d love to hear your views. And if you’re a chef, how would you rather diners communicated their allergies to you? Would you welcome these allergen cards?

Thanks Ruth! Check out her wonderful blog, book and resources at www.whatallergy.com

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