Yes, they are the exact size of a credit card.

Yes, all of our cards have English on one side, and the translated content on the other side.

If you choose an English card only, the back side will contain the Equal Eats logo as well as a QR code that contains many other digital benefits.

As we allow up to 15 allergens to be listed on a customized card, space is limited. Through advisement from restaurant chefs, they preferred having words over pictures.

Yes, get in touch with us directly and we can provide you with an easier ordering experience for a large number of cards.

This can be tricky for places like China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Brazil etc. We recommend you double check your destination's language using this handy tool:


In the field of translation, 100% accuracy is dependent on many factors since language can change from region to region, with different dialects. We source the most effective overall translation for a language with professional translators. Then proofread by professional proofreaders, then verified by a native speaker.

Our process sets us apart and we stand by the effectiveness of our translations cards.

It's quite normal for our customers to double check a card with a friend who speaks that native language. Please do so!

We stand behind our translations and process, but if you have a question or suggestion about our translations, we would love to investigate to ensure our products are the most effective possible. Please reach out to us and know we appreciate your feedback!

This is normal as Google Translate using machine translation. We use human translation and there will typically be a discrepancy. At no point in our process do we rely on Google Translate as we do not feel this is the most accurate solution for life-threatening dietary information.

This is common for languages where there is no known word for that item. Foods, or names of diets that we know so well can be very foreign in other countries. E.g. "Pickle" or "Low FODMAP" can often use the same English word.

This does not necessarily mean that it's not understood in its English form, but there is simply no translation for it, and it's most effective being shown in English.


We ship globally, but our shipments originate from Maryland, USA, which will affect deliver times for international customers.

Currently we ship from Maryland, USA. We aim to launch a print and distribution centre from Europe in Fall 2021.

We typically turn around orders in 1-3 days. Plus shipping times, customers usually receive their order a week after their order.

Shipping upgrades for faster delivery are available at checkout.

We offer digital cards where you can access instantly. They are a digital download that you can save and show from your smartphone.

Returns and exchanges

Use this section for any descriptive text you need to fill out your pages or to add introductory headings between other blocks.

If you are not satisfied with your order, or if a product was received by mistake. Please keep it, or pass it along to someone who could use it.

If you are not satisfied with your card for any reason, please contact us and we can process a refund.

If you accidentally ordered the wrong card, please keep it or pass it along.

Get in touch with us so we can help provide a discount on a new card. We cannot refund orders for user error after cards have been printed, shipped and costs absorbed.