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Dietary Translation Cards in 50 Languages.

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We "get it" because we have food allergies and celiac disease too. We design cards to be precise, accurate, and effective at ensuring your dietary restrictions are noted and understood at home or abroad. Join the ten's of thousands who have used our cards across the globe since 2006.

Our Mission: Help Everyone Enjoy food, everywhere


As a chef I embrace every food allergic guest, but it is a partnership. To safely serve you I need accurate information and when you present an allergen or special dietary needs card it makes my job a bit easier.

Chef Keith Norman

We have used translation cards in both France and Greece.  The peace of mind and usability of cards were fantastic.  Heading to middle east on next trip, and despite having a working knowledge of Arabic, we wouldn't take a trip abroad without a translation card.


I've found the translated emergency cards to be helpful when travelling for business. I put them in an easy to grab place in the case I need immediate help at restaurants or business events or conferences. I like that the message is to the point in requesting aid.


When I used the cards in France, everyone clearly understood what was being conveyed on the cards - they were very helpful, and put us at ease as everyone who read the cards took them seriously. I will definitely be using these cards again on future trips. 


Before these cards I was a little nervous about travelling to countries where English wasn't the first language because of my food allergies. These cards gave me peace of mind when ordering my food and took away any anxiety I had about travelling.


These cards were fantastic! I had several, and often had restaurant staff asking if they could keep it. The cards enabled us to communicate the seriousness of the allergy and elicited an equally serious response, helping our son to relax and enjoy his food.


I used my cards when I travelled with my school overseas. I had no problems, everyone I gave the card to understood it, and I never got sick. They were easy to download and print. I sometimes showed a printed card, and other times showed it through the smartphone app.


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