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We all deserve an equal seat at the table

Regardless of the dietary restriction.

Founder, Equal Eats
Kyle Dine

I've had multiple food allergies (peanut, tree nuts, egg, seafood, mustard) all my life. My wife has celiac disease and we love to travel!

I created the company after experiencing an anaphylactic reaction overseas due to a language barrier. I looked at existing translation cards, and found most to be flimsy, homemade, and riddled with translation errors.

I created an advisory team of incredible people who all had an interest in dietary cards being done right. Together, we've created cards that strike a balance between the message we need to communicate, and that food service staff need to hear.

Our goal is to help you enjoy food everywhere.

Meet our Cards

Plastic Cards

Think of a credit card, but with life-saving information on it. We print high quality double-sided plastic cards with our premium in-house card printer. Wallet-sized cards can be stored in your wallet, purse or passport case and ready to whip it out when you need it.

Wait staff and chefs appreciate the professionalism of our cards and help to take your request seriously.

Designed for
Effective Communication

Every single detail on our cards is included for a specific reason. Whether it be the bold contrasting colors, the simple opening statement, or the strong call to action - our cards are designed with the end-user in mind.

All cards include a statement cautioning about cross-contact and encouraging clean food preparation.

Created with
Our Community

We consulted over 2,000 people to ensure our cards contained the most effective messaging possible.

Our card design team consists of individuals with dietary restrictions, parents, chefs, wait staff, nutritionists, translators, linguists, and more.

The result? A premium dietary card that strikes a balance of what our community needs to communicate, and what foodservice staff need to hear.


Our 3-tiered translation process involves professional translators, professional proofreaders, and native speakers.

This results in a message that is not only understood and effective, but appreciated by local foodservice staff.


Our Team

We lean on experts who share a passion in helping our community.

Kyle Dine

CEO & Founder

Gareth Musico


Erin Kilduff

Product Manager

Chef Joel Schaefer

Shandee Chernow

Foodservice Advisor

Chef Keith Norman

Foodservice Advisor

Husayn Kassam

Operations Advisor

Jamie Lee

Registered Dietitian

Jennifer Duggan

Product Advisor

Lori Moussapour

Food Allergy Advisor

Kortney Kwong Hing

Product Design Advisor

Erin Smith

Celiac Disease Advisor

Cindy Gordon

Vegan & Vegetarian Advisor

Angelica Duenner

Food Allergy Advisor

Olga Kagan

Healthcare Advisor

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Our Cards
Food Allergy

Peanut Allergy Card
Tree Nut Allergy Card
Peanut and Tree Nut Allergy Card
Egg Allergy Card
Milk Allergy Card
Fish Allergy Card
Shellfish Allergy Card
Mollusk Allergy Card
Crustacean Allergy Card
Seafood Allergy Card
Soy Allergy Card
Sesame Allergy Card
Mustard Allergy Card
Seed Allergy Card
Wheat Allergy Card
Sulfite Allergy Card
Legume Allergy Card

Our Cards
Celiac Disease

Celiac Disease Cards

Our Cards

Lactose Intolerance Card
Sucrose Intolerance Card

Our Cards

Vegan Diet Card
Lacto Vegetarian Diet Card
Lacto Ovo Vegetarian Diet Card
Ovo Vegetarian Diet Card
Pescatarian Diet Card

Our Cards
Special Diets

Diabetic Diet Card
AIP Diet Card
Low FODMAP Diet Card

Our Cards
Other Cards

Penicillin Allergy Card
Sulfa Allergy Card
Aspirin Allergy Card
Latex Allergy Card
Insect Sting Allergy Card
Halal Card
Kosher Card

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