About Equal Eats

Founded in 2006, we have operated as “Allergy Translation” until 2020 when we relaunched as Equal Eats. We are proud to be the first company to provide digital translation cards for allergies and dietary restrictions. We remain committed to providing innovative and effective solutions that help our community travel safely, and truly enjoy the world!

Our Mission

  • Help everyone with allergies or dietary restrictions to gain an equal seat at the table.
  • Provide our community with the gold standard in dietary communication tools.

  • Influence the foodservice industry to create safer experiences for our community.

    Our Founder

    Kyle Dine
    I’m proud to be known as a trusted food allergy advocate and educator who has been fortunate to work alongside Food Allergy Canada since 2008.
    I perform educational assemblies and workshops all across the world, reaching over 1,000,000 in 900+ schools. Mentoring kids with food allergies is a passion of mine, and am most proud of recently receiving the Michelle Harkness Mentorship Award for developing an online peer mentorship program for children with allergies called “Allergy Pals”.
    I’ve had severe allergies since the mid-80’s to peanuts, tree nuts, egg, seafood and mustard, and “married into” celiac disease. I got the “travel bug” in 2005 when I went on academic exchange to Sweden. I’ve been to many countries, with China being the pinnacle of places conquered that I once thought allergies would prevent me from visiting.
    It’s been a wonderful journey through Allergy Translation, and now Equal Eats with a lot of gratitude to the role of Smith School of Business at Queen’s University. I believe that what’s more important than the products we offer, is the process we follow. We are as diligent in creating our global cards, as you are in selecting a restaurant around the block. I appreciate your trust in helping you and your family stay safe, wherever you may roam.