Our Team

Kyle Dine

CEO & Founder
Living for 30 plus years with multiple food allergies, Kyle is dedicated to helping our community eat safer around the globe.

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Erin Kilduff

U.S. Product Manager

Erin is a mother of children with severe allergies and an allergy awareness advocate through her brand "Teal & Me".

Lisa Bolton

U.K. Product Manager

Managing food allergies, celiac disease and EoE in her family, Lisa is deeply engrained in the free-from community and runs @allergyunlimited on Instagram.

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Tracy Bush

Product Developer

Tracy is a long-time advocate in the food allergy community under the name Nutrimom. She's managed food allergies in her own household for over 20 years.

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Equal Eats
Our Story

Visiting other countries and experiencing different cultures is one of the greatest joys in life. We learn so much about ourselves and make amazing memories that we take with us forever. 

However, for some people travelling can be stressful and life-threatening. An important part of experiencing different cultures is trying new foods, but when you have allergies there is a level of concern to make sure your food doesn’t contain an ingredient that could risk your life. 

Most restaurants in major cities make it easy to understand a menu, but attempting to discuss more severe allergies or dietary restrictions with a language barrier can be frustrating for both you and your server. 

That is why we have created these translation cards designed with a professional team of chefs, servers, parents, and people who have travelled with dietary restrictions. 

Our name, Equal Eats, was created with a simple concept in mind: we believe in equality every time you eat. No one should feel like they are missing out on tasty food because of allergies, a language barrier, or fear for their life. 

Our professional translation cards are an essential travelling tool to better help you enjoy food, everywhere. 

Equal Eats Chef Cards

Our History

Our process
Quality is #1

We consulted over 2,000 people to ensure our cards contained the most effective messaging possible.

Our card design team consists of individuals with dietary restrictions, parents, chefs, wait staff, nutritionists, translators, linguists, and more.

The result? A premium dietary card that strikes a balance of what our community needs to communicate, and what foodservice staff need to hear.

We all deserve an equal seat at the table

Regardless of the dietary restriction.


Our Card Design Team

We lean on experts who share a passion in helping our community.

Gareth Musico, Partner

Gareth is the owner and president of HUMANCONTACT, a cutting-edge communications company based in Toronto. He thrives at bringing the right people together to spur innovation, problem solving, and creativity. As an early partner in Equal Eats, Gareth has provided advisory support at every step in our journey.

Chef Joel Schaefer, Foodservice Advisor

The pioneer behind Disney World's legendary food allergy management system, Joel is a certified chef who has food allergies himself. He is dedicated to making dining safer for those with dietary restrictions.

Shandee Chernow, Foodservice Advisor

As President and CEO of Certistar, Shandee is growing one of the most innovative food allergy safety systems available to the foodservice industry. Her software brings transparency to meal ingredients and filters them based on a customer's exact restrictions. We are excited to work with Shandee on creating more impactful solutions for the foodservice industry as a whole.

Chef Keith Norman, Foodservice Advisor

Chef Keith Norman is the Assistant Executive Chef and Food Safety Manager for the South Point Hotel & Casino. He works with several national food allergy organizations, and has literally written the book on allergy awareness from a chef's perspective. As much as we value his knowledge, Keith's heart and genuine care for accommodating guests with dietary restrictions makes him a cut above.

Husayn Kassam, Operations Advisor

With a background in tech, operations and innovation, Husayn helps navigate the "big picture" for Equal Eats and provides valuable perspective. He is a recent Queen's University MBA grad working within the Vancouver tech space.

Jamie Lee, Registered Dietitian

With an education in Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition Services, Jamie has found her calling as a registered dietitian for Sööma. She also co-founded ReMix Snacks, a company that brings nutrition and environmental sustainability to dark chocolate. We are grateful for Jamie's help in advising on our product messaging to ensure effective communication of dietary needs.

Jennifer Duggan, Product Advisor

Through years of experience in the travel industry, and managing her own multiple food allergies, Jennifer provides a critical eye on our card content to help ensure they are most effective at communicating dietary info around the globe.

Lori Moussapour, Food Allergy Advisor

Lori is a psychotherapist, coach and educator who is committed to helping people with the social and emotional burdens of living with food allergies. With decades of experience serving clients and a first-hand understanding of managing allergies at home, Lori brings to our work a strong awareness of the needs of those living with food allergies and a commitment to messaging that conveys supportive and practical communication around them.

Kortney Kwong Hing

With a pure talent for design, Kortney specializes in finding a balance between displaying critical content, and beautiful design. Her portfolio of allergy-resources includes assets for The Itch Podcast and Zestfull. We're thankful for Kortney's help and insight on the strategic design and layout of our products.

Erin Smith, Celiac Advisor

Also known as the "Gluten-Free Globetrotter", Erin is a dedicated and passionate advocate for the celiac community. Through her blog, consulting service, and educational talks, she is a trusted source of credible and first hand-knowledge of managing celiac disease. Her advice on our celiac cards and beyond, has helped shape our overall product offering.

Cindy Gordon, Vegan & Vegetarian Advisor

Cindy is the well-known author of vegetarianmamma.com, a community where she shares recipes that are vegetarian, gluten-free, and allergy friendly. She actively works with brands in the free-from space and is a trusted community leader for those with multiple dietary restrictions. We're especially appreciative of her help in fine-tuning our offering of products for those with plant-based diets.

Angelica Duenner, Food Allergy Advisor

As chair of Verein ErdNussallergie und Anaphylaxie, Angelica is a premier allergy advocate in Switzerland. Her organization's purpose is making life of patients with this level of severity of food allergies and their families easier. Angelica is a key advisor helping us with international strategy and product localization.

Olga Kagan, Healthcare Advisor

Olga is on the forefront of healthcare innovation as a mentor and judge for various healthcare transformation events. As a registered nurse, researcher, program developer, and community leader, Olga's interests lie in improving patient outcomes, with a keen focus on food allergy. She is a wonderful asset to our team who helps ensure we are solving the right problems, in the right way.

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We all deserve an equal seat at the table

Regardless of the dietary restriction.