Tagalog Tree Nut Allergy Card
Tagalog Printable Allergy Card for Tree Nut Allergies
Tagalog Printable Allergy Card for Tree Nut Allergies
Tagalog Printable Allergy Card for Tree Nut Allergies
Tagalog Printable Allergy Card for Tree Nut Allergies

Tagalog Printable Allergy Card for Tree Nut Allergies

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Ensure Safe Dining with the Tagalog Language Tree Nut Allergy Alert Card - Your Essential Guide in Tagalog - Speaking Regions

Navigate the world of cuisine safely with our Tagalog Language Tree Nut Allergy Alert Card. Specifically crafted for those dealing with a tree nut allergy, this easily printable digital card delivers a concise way to articulate your dietary restrictions in Tagalog Ideal for use in restaurants, social gatherings, or wherever your journey takes you across Arabic-speaking regions. Ensure a safe dining experience and manage your tree nut allergy effectively with this essential tool in your health and travel kit.

Benefits of an Equal Eats printable card:

  • Clear Communication: Enables easy communication of your tree nut allergy information in Tagalog, reducing potential miscommunication in restaurants or social events.
  • Unlimited Printing: Purchase once and print as many copies as needed. You can hand them out to restaurant staff, caterers, or anyone involved in preparing your food.
  • Travel-Friendly: Being a digital card, it's convenient to carry, especially when traveling to Tagalog -speaking regions. Print a new copy anytime you need it.
  • Peace of Mind: Provides an additional layer of safety, giving you the confidence to dine out knowing your dietary restrictions have been clearly communicated.
  • Versatile: It's not just for dining out - also useful when shopping for food, allowing you to alert store staff of your dietary needs.
  • Time-Saving: Saves you from time-consuming translation or explanation, letting the card speak for you.
  • Indispensable Tool: An essential part of your health and travel kit if you have a tree nut allergy.

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Use confidently knowing that restaurant staff truly appreciate seeing your food allergies in writing.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 581 reviews
Rebecca Riggs

So easy to choose the exact restrictions I needed. The number of foods to chose from so big!

Excellent! Would be good to include all tree nuts on the card though.

I have a tree nut allergy and used the card for a two week trip to Japan. It arrived promptly and is good quality.
Waiting staff in restaurants understood the card and often took it to the kitchen to show the chef. It gave me a lot more confidence to eat foods I wasn't familiar with.

My only criticism is that it would be good to have more nuts listed on the card. I am allergic to Brazil nuts which are not included unfortunately and I was concerned that when people skim read the card they might not understand that the list of nuts were examples and not exhaustive.


great idea for a product and timely delivery

Brittney codera
Game Changer

This is such an amazing resource for me. I have the app as well. As a new celiac I can now more confidently dine out easily with clear guidelines and expectations of my needs that can be transparently laid out for the establishment staff. I love that you can get them in different languages for travel or if you frequent a specific ethnic establishment in your area.

Graham Lake
Definitely makes thing clear to all food providers

Excellent card to carry at all times , Gets the point across even if the language is not recognised or spoken and saves a lot of explaining..



Exactly what I needed for my trip to Paris!

Patsy H.

It is exactly what is described. A card that says your allergy in another language. I laminated mine and it fits in a standard wallet.

Aaron R.

Makes it easier for us to go to restaurants with our daughter, who suffers from a strong nut allergy.


These are perfect for our Celiac daughter. They fit perfectly in her wallet & help to explain to dining staff what her needs are.


Perfect for going on holiday, takes some of the anxiety away about communicating my son's food allergies in restaurants.

Rachael C.

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