Unbeatable Offer on Equal Eats Allergy ID Cards: Buy One, Get One FREE!

If you or someone you know lives with food allergies, you understand the importance of clear communication, especially when dining out or traveling. It's not just about convenience; it's about safety. That's where Equal Eats Allergy ID Cards come into play, and we have some exciting news for you!

From September 5th to 19th, we're running a special promotion that you won't want to miss: Buy One, Get One FREE on our customizable Allergy ID Cards!

Why Choose Equal Eats Allergy ID Cards?

  1. Personalized to You: Customize your card with your own photo, ensuring that there's no mix-up when you present it.

  2. Choose Your Theme: Whether you're a fan of minimalist designs or something more vibrant, we've got a theme that will resonate with you or your child.

  3. List Your Allergens: Clearly list out all the allergens you need to avoid, ensuring that there's no room for error when you're dining out.

  4. Emergency Contacts: In the unfortunate event of an allergic reaction, having emergency contacts listed on your card can be a lifesaver.

  5. Informative Backside: The back of the card provides additional allergen information, ensuring that whoever reads it has a comprehensive understanding of your needs.

BOGO: A Deal You Can't Resist

For two weeks only, when you purchase an Equal Eats Allergy ID Card, you'll receive a second one absolutely free! This is the perfect opportunity to get one for yourself and gift one to a loved one, or keep both for different occasions.

Peace of Mind, Everywhere You Go

Whether you're going back to school, traveling to a foreign country, dining out in a new city, or simply trying a new restaurant in your hometown, the Equal Eats Allergy ID Card is your passport to a safer dining experience. It's a simple yet effective tool that bridges the communication gap, ensuring that your dietary needs are understood and respected.

Don't Miss Out!

Take advantage of this unbeatable offer between September 5th and 19th. Ensure safety, clarity, and peace of mind with the Equal Eats Allergy ID Cards.

View the collection of Allergy ID Cards.

Stay safe and eat with confidence!

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