Traveling with Food Allergies: Stories of Success and Inspiration

Traveling can be an exhilarating experience, offering us the chance to explore new cultures, taste unique cuisines, and create memories that last a lifetime. However, for those with food allergies, the idea of traveling can sometimes be daunting. The fear of accidental exposure, language barriers, and unfamiliar cuisines can make the journey seem challenging.

But fear not! In a recent roundtable discussion, we brought together three seasoned travelers who have not only managed their food allergies on the road but have also thrived and enjoyed every bit of their adventures. They shared their positive stories, tips, strategies, and most importantly, their inspiration for others in similar situations.


Note: Click on the image above to watch the full roundtable discussion.

Meet the Speakers:

  1. Kelsey: On her recent trip to Paris, Kelsey took the initiative to visit the backs of kitchens and converse with chefs to ensure her meals were safe. Her proactive approach allowed her to savor the culinary delights of the city without worry.
  2. Mo: Traveling through Uruguay, Argentina, and Italy, Mo found great success in communicating his dietary needs. His experiences highlight the importance of clear communication and the universal understanding of food allergies.
  3. Janine: Venturing to the picturesque landscapes of Iceland, Janine not only managed her food allergies but also set a positive example for her teenage son. Her journey showcased that with proper planning, traveling with allergies is not just possible but also enjoyable.

Key Takeaways from the Discussion:

  • Communication is Crucial: All three travelers emphasized the importance of learning key phrases in the local language to communicate their allergies. They recommended carrying allergy translation cards, which can be shown to restaurant staff and locals.
  • Research Ahead: Before traveling, research the common ingredients used in local dishes. Apps and websites dedicated to food-allergic travelers can be invaluable resources.
  • Stay Prepared: Always carry essential medications, like antihistamines or epinephrine auto-injectors. Know the location of nearby hospitals or clinics in case of emergencies.
  • Connect with Others: Join online communities or forums where travelers with food allergies share their experiences and tips. This can provide a wealth of knowledge and support.
  • Stay Positive: While challenges may arise, a positive attitude can make all the difference. As Janine mentioned, "Every challenge is an opportunity to learn and grow."

The stories shared by Kelsey, Mo, and Janine are a testament to the fact that with the right preparation and mindset, traveling with food allergies can be a rewarding experience. Their journeys are filled with tales of delicious meals enjoyed, friendships forged, and memories created, all while managing their dietary needs.

For those with food allergies, the world is still very much open for exploration. Let these stories inspire you to pack your bags, embrace the adventure, and savor every moment of your travels. Safe journeys!

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