Traditional vs Simplified Chinese

Traditional Chinese Versus Simplified Chinese

What's the difference between Traditional and Simplified Chinese?

This is a question we get often. Let's answer simply and concisely. 

  • Simplified Chinese is the written language of China.
  • Traditional Chinese is the written language of Hong Kong and Taiwan.

What is Mandarin and Cantonese?

These are the names of spoken languages. These have a different name than the actual written version.

Mandarin is spoken throughout the majority of China and Taiwan, while Cantonese is spoken in Hong Kong and other southern provinces.

Is Mandarin different than Chinese?

Yes, Mandarin is a spoken language, and Chinese (Traditional or Simplified) is the written language.

For those of you reading this in English, just imagine that when you spoke, people labelled it as something else - perhaps "Englishton".

Is Traditional Chinese the same for both Hong Kong and Taiwan?

No. They are similar but have their own variations.


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