The Tough Part about Food Allergies

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Food Allergies and Bullying

Do you find this to be the most difficult part too? Perhaps it's not exactly bullying, but it's the unwanted attention or ribbing about food allergies.

Unwanted is the key word. What most of us do want is respect, understanding and a little bit of empathy. 

What we don't want are ignorant questions or judgement. Most of us with food allergies have dealt with countless unwanted questions over and over again. Some people aren't very experienced with food allergies and fall back to the usual "So...what do you eat?" and "So...what if...." questions.

When you deal with a life-threatening condition, it can be a pretty constant thought. It's such a treat to feel normal, especially in situations involving food. We have to deal with ignorance or people giving us a tough time, it just brings a lot of negativity and takes us back a few paces in terms of our confidence in advocating for our own health.

If we know people with food allergies, support them. Ask them smart questions. Get to know their struggles. It can make a world of difference just in showing that you care.

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