Startup Helping Travelers with Food Allergy and Coeliac Disease Expands to the UK

Allergy Cards

Equal Eats has expanded to the UK to make its popular translation cards more accessible to the millions of people in the UK who have dietary restrictions. Offering plastic wallet cards in 50 languages, users can choose a card for an upcoming holiday, and also create personalized cards with a selection of over 500 allergens. When used dining out, an Equal Eats card helps make restaurant staff aware of important avoidances and encourages the preparation of safe meals.

With a new UK printing center located in Southampton, the company’s mission is to help people with food allergies, coeliac disease and other special diets have safer and more enjoyable dining experiences. “A primary cause of severe allergic reactions in restaurants is miscommunication. Providing restrictions in writing can make the difference in enjoying a safe meal where your dietary needs are noted and taken seriously, ”says Kyle Dine, the Founder and CEO of Equal Eats who has multiple food allergies himself. 

The company, which is headquartered in Canada, offers cards in 50 languages. Allergic travelers will find the cards particularly useful when communicating severe food allergies across language barriers. The accuracy of its translations is paramount, with each one going through a 3-tiered process that involves professional translators, proofreaders and native speakers. “We feel that showing a professional card, with professional translations, ensures that you are taken more seriously while communicating a vitally important message.” 

Southampton resident Lisa Bolton will be managing the UK operation for Equal Eats. As a mum to children with food allergies and coeliac disease, she understands the product’s importance. “Showing a tangible card really makes people stop, read and pay attention to the details of our restrictions. I’m thrilled to make them accessible to the UK community, ”adds Bolton.

In addition to plastic cards, Equal Eats has an app that allows access to cards from your smartphone, which can also be printed and given to foodservice staff.

“There are many people in the UK with dietary restrictions who face a lot of worry and stress when dining out. Our mission is to help them have safer eating experiences, so they can truly enjoy food, everywhere, ”adds Dine. 

Equal Eats dietary communication cards are available on its website,

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