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What's an allergy card?

The Equal Eats Card Making Process

What sets apart an Equal Eats card?

As much as we're proud of our products, it's the process that goes into them that we pay a great deal of attention to. We strive for three key goals with every single card. They need to be:

  1. Accurate
  2. Professional
  3. Effective

We'll walk you through how we achieve each of these goals with our dietary cards.


This process started well in advance of our cards ever being publicly available. After a thorough design thinking process where we consulted with nearly 2,000 stakeholders we finalized the content of our cards. At this stage we embarked on a 3-tiered process to ensure the accuracy of all translations. This includes:

  1. Translations performed by professional translators
  2. Proofreading performed by professional proofreaders
  3. Final review performed by native speakers

Are Allergy Cards Accurate?


We use a top-of-the-line plastic card printer to make our dietary cards. Our research told us that restaurant staff take a diner's request most seriously when presented in a professional manner. We don't offer laminated cards for this reason and believe that when you take your dietary restrictions seriously, others will too.

Equal Eats Allergy Card Maker


Our team creates every single card in-house to ensure it meets our quality control objectives. This includes:

  • Design and layout of cards and information
  • Ensuring the correct translations (language and allergen) are used
  • Overall print quality

Our team "gets" it because we are affected by food allergy, celiac disease and EoE together. We use the cards for ourselves and our families, and are happy to provide them to you and your loved ones. We recognize the responsibility and take our process very seriously to ensure we provide superior products that will help you enjoy food with greater peace of mind.

If you have any questions about our process, or would like to assist as a native speaker reviewer for upcoming updates, we'd love to hear from you!


The Equal Eats Team


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  • Lisa Jan Cohen

    My 21 year old daughter died in my arms after tasting peanut sauce while traveling to Mexico. I believe my story and Kyah Rayne Foundation mission of education and epi access would be a great partnership. I believe in Equal Eats and I hope to be a part of your amazing team. In health, Lisa

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