My Allergy Aware Daughter

Kyle Dine Equal Eats CEO

This is one of the most allergy-aware 5-year olds you will ever meet.

I have multiple food allergies, my wife has celiac disease, and miraculously, my daughter can eat anything...It still seems surreal. I'm still learning to calm my nerves watching her eat Nutella.

The other day she ate a chocolate that I was allergic to (just before I entered the room) and was thirsty. I handed her my water bottle and she said “no Daddy, I can’t because I just ate nuts”. I was amazed. Being aware of the dangers of cross contact at 5 years old!

She’s always asking “is this safe for Mommy and Daddy”, asking “Daddy, do you have your EpiPen?” and even aware of multiple egg substitutes when we’re baking.

I haven’t taught her how to use an EpiPen or Auvi-Q yet, but with Daddy/Daughter camping trips planned this summer, I know it’s about time.

As a dad with food allergies, it’s been an interesting experience. I’ve felt increased pressure to be vigilant since having a child, as I could not imagine her dealing with an emergency situation for me. I know at some point she’ll understand the gravity of the condition, but until then, it feels so good that she simply wants to “help daddy stay safe”. 👨‍👧

~ Kyle Dine

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