Maeve Gillis - Equal Eats Ambassador

Equal Eats Ambassador Profile

Meet Maeve Gillis, one of our incredible 2023 Equal Eats Ambassadors.


Nursing student

What are some of your favourite hobbies, interests and activities?

Hockey and photography!

What countries have you travelled to?

Canada and the USA

What's your dream travel destination?


What's your relationship to dietary restrictions? (e.g. you/your child, allergy/celiac)

I have dietary restrictions myself!

What led you to become an Equal Eats ambassador? (why is their mission important to you?)

I have been a part of the allergy advocacy world since the age of nine, so when the opportunity came up I jumped at it. It is another way for me to raise awareness on dietary restrictions while also working on getting the food aspect of the world to be more inclusive!

What do you find is the most challenging aspect of managing a dietary restriction?

Having waiters not taking allergies seriously when dining out. Or having to watch friends be able to eat whatever they like when you have a limited diet.

What's the one bright side you have found of managing a dietary restriction?

Having a better understanding of what ingredients are in the foods that I am eating! And getting to be a part of an amazing supportive community!

What's your goal or impact you'd like to achieve being an Equal Eats ambassador?

I would like to help other people, especially children and teens gain confidence dining out and traveling with allergies!

Where can people follow or connect with you?

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