Jenny Passione - Equal Eats Ambassador

Equal Eats Ambassador Profile

Meet Jenny Passione one of our incredible 2023 Equal Eats Ambassadors.


Chef & Registered Dietitian

What are some of your favourite hobbies, interests and activities?

Travel, Cooking, Art, Photography, Fishing, Reading

What countries have you travelled to?

Pre-Celiac Diagnosis: Haiti, Romania, Holland, Austria, Italy, England, Philippines, China, Bahamas, Hungary. Post Celiac Diagnosis: England & Italy

What's your dream travel destination?

To go back to Italy, and not return.

What's your relationship to dietary restrictions? (e.g. you/your child, allergy/celiac)

I have celiac disease and some food intolerances. My husband has several food intolerances and oral allergy syndrome

What led you to become an Equal Eats ambassador? (why is their mission important to you?)

I love Equal Eats and their mission to help others eat out confidently, not only here in the United States where I live, but being able to travel and see the world safely is a dream come true.

What do you find is the most challenging aspect of managing a dietary restriction?

For celiac disease, it can be difficult to explain to others that it is an autoimmune disease, not a fad diet, and for them to understand the severity of it.

What's the one bright side you have found of managing a dietary restriction?

Speaking up for myself more and being my own advocate!

What's your goal or impact you'd like to achieve being an Equal Eats ambassador?

I want to encourage others to have experiences without fear whether it is traveling in your home country or abroad, or even taking a trip to Disney. Equal Eats cards are the size of a credit card so they fit easily in your wallet, and they are translated in 50 languages.

Where can people follow or connect with you?

Instagram: @OliveLaneCulinary  Website:

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