Introducing Picky: A New Tool for Foodies with Dietary Restrictions!

As a supporters of other businesses trying to help our community dine safer, we are more than happy to pass along this message from our friends at Picky!


Attention foodies with dietary restrictions!

We are thrilled to introduce a platform that aims to revolutionize your dining experience: Picky.

Picky's mission is to bridge the gap between consumers and restaurants, making dining out a seamless, stress-free experience for everyone. It allows you to request ingredient information from restaurants so you can find options that cater specifically to your unique dietary needs, making dining out safer and more enjoyable!

Picky has just launched a free web app and is seeking early users to take an active part in refining this innovative platform. They are looking for you to navigate through its features, experience the convenience it offers, and provide feedback. Your insights will be the secret ingredient to help Picky become an even more useful tool for the allergy community.

If you are ready to change the way you dine out, head over to and sign up today. Let's make dining out safer, easier, and more enjoyable together!


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  • Rita

    I would like to know more about this app.

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