How do you say Gluten Free in French?


How to say Gluten Free in French Translation

Travelling to France with celiac disease is possible, but it's important to have a plan for communicating your gluten-free diet. In the land of bakeries, crepes and pastries, and a language barrier, you need to be prepared. Here's a few gluten-free phrases to remember:

"Gluten Free" in French

  • "Sans gluten"

We'd recommend taking it a practical step further and learn how to say "I cannot eat gluten."

I cannot eat gluten" in French

  • "Je ne peux pas manger de gluten"

If you really want to ensure others understand what foods are gluten-free, and be taken seriously, we recommend:

  • "I have celiac disease and I cannot eat gluten. Gluten is in wheat, barley and rye. Is this food safe for me"

The translation for this is obviously lengthy and harder to remember. We created French Gluten Free Translation Cards to help get the message across effectively. These cards help take out some of the worry of communicating in France, while being taken seriously with a professional plastic card. 

Put it in writing with an Equal Eats card

French Celiac Disease translation Card



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