Free Food Allergy Cards

Free Food Allergy Cards

Free Food Allergy Cards

I remember when I made my first food allergy card. It was a DIY experiment that ended up taking me over two hours to create! I spent so much time finalizing my wording, trying to make a nice layout, ensuring it was a printable, and then resizing to get it to fit in my lamination pouch! 

The end result? My homemade food allergy card felt like a flimsy flop that wouldn't be taken seriously as a restaurant card. 

At Equal Eats, we wanted to create high-quality free food allergy cards to help you save time and hassle, and be taken seriously when dining out.

Free Printable Allergy Cards

Free Printable Food Allergy Cards - Equal Eats

Our free chef cards include:


Free Printable Allergy Cards

Free Allergy Translation Cards

One of the neatest features of our free digital downloads allergy cards is the QR code included. With this code you can access additional features including:

  • Free Digital Allergy Translation Cards
    • Free French Allergy Translation Card
    • Free German Allergy Translation Card
    • Free Spanish Allergy Translation Card
    • Free Italian Allergy Translation Card
  • Copy Card Text
    • Great for copy/paste food allergy info into notes section of Uber Eats 
  • Print
    • You can access an alternative side-fold printable layout
  • More information
    • Drown down menus showing which foods to avoid with each allergy 
    • Cross contact prevention tips
Free Food Allergy Travel Cards

Free Food Allergy Cards for Travel

Although it's not possible for us to offer plastic food allergy cards for free, we are happy to offer digital translation cards for free through the QR codes featured on our free English cards. 

If you are looking for a specific language outside of the free allergy translation cards provided, we offer digital translation cards in 50 languages as well as plastic allergy cards.


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