Food Allergy Travel Planning: Months Before Your Trips

Embarking on a journey with food allergies can seem overwhelming, but with the right preparation, it can be a life-changing experience. Planning your trip months in advance is crucial to ensure a safe and enjoyable adventure, and ensuring there are limited surprises. Here are some essential tips to help you navigate your travels with ease.

1. Start Researching Early

Kick-off your travel prep several months ahead. Dive into researching the local cuisine of your destination, understanding common ingredients, and identifying allergy-friendly dining options. Utilize online resources like travel blogs, and forums to gather insights.

2. Learn the Local Language and Use Equal Eats

Navigating a new language can be challenging with food allergies. Learn key phrases related to your allergies or better yet, use resources like Equal Eats. We provide professionally translated allergy cards and an app that allows you to communicate your dietary needs in various languages. This tool can be a lifesaver in ensuring your message is conveyed accurately.

3. Consult with Your Allergist

Check in with your allergist before the trip. They can offer tailored advice, update your emergency plan, and ensure you have enough medication, like extra epinephrine injectors.

4. Inform Airlines and Accommodations

When booking flights and hotels, clearly communicate your allergies. Airlines may accommodate special dietary needs, and hotels can often cater to your requirements with advance notice.

5. Opt for Accommodations with a Kitchen

Choosing a stay with kitchen facilities lets you prepare your meals, offering total control over what you eat.

6. Pack Safe Snacks

Bring along allergy-safe snacks, especially for long flights or days out exploring when you might not find suitable food options.

7. Know Your Healthcare Options

Familiarize yourself with the nearest healthcare facilities and keep a list of emergency contacts. Ensure your health insurance is valid for international travel.

8. Leverage Allergy-Friendly Apps

Make use of apps designed for travelers with food allergies. Equal Eats, for instance, helps find allergy-friendly eateries and translates allergy information, making it a valuable tool in unfamiliar territories. Spokin is another helpful app to help you find more info about potentially safe local cuisine.

9. Connect with Communities

Join forums or social media groups focused on allergy-friendly travel. Gaining insights from locals or others with similar experiences can be incredibly helpful. We recommend the Allergy Travels Facebook Group.

10. Be Emergency-Ready

Always have your medical information, allergy list, and emergency contacts on hand. Carry enough prescribed medications and know how to use them.

11. Stay Adaptable and Optimistic

Even with thorough planning, unexpected challenges may arise. Keep a flexible mindset and a backup plan. A positive outlook is key to a rewarding travel experience.


With thoughtful preparation, traveling with food allergies is not only possible but can be thoroughly enjoyable. By starting months in advance and utilizing tools like Equal Eats, you can ensure a safer and more relaxed journey. Happy and safe travels! 🌏✈️🍴

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