Food Allergy Travel Planning Checklist

 Food Allergy Travel Checklist Packing

I always find that I'm starting to plan out my future vacations at the beginning of the year. It really helps me gain a sense of control for upcoming trips so I can ensure nothing slips through the cracks. 

We've created a chronological packing check list that can be useful whether you're managing food allergies, celiac disease, or other special diets. We're thrilled to include it within every plastic card order from January forward!

It's a helpful tool to break down many of the steps needed to set yourself up for success when traveling with dietary restrictions.

The tips are broken down in the following timeline of categories:

  • When booking
  • One month to go
  • One week to go
  • On the day
  • On the plane
  • At the destination

We have started including postcard sized packing lists with all of our plastic card orders starting in January 2024. However, you can also download a PDF copy and print at home.

Download PDF Food Allergy Packing List

Food Allergy Travel List

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