The Food Allergy Balance: Between Careless and Anxious

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This is a topic we find very interesting as it can be so difficult to find the right balance to thrive with a food allergy. You obviously do not want to be too anxious, and you do not want to be careless either. 

Food Allergy Anxiety

On one end of the spectrum is food allergy related anxiety. Although there is such a thing as healthy anxiety. If we weren't afraid of the power of cars, or carelessness of drivers, we might not look both ways before crossing a street. However, there is a line when too much anxiety can become a lot to bear. If you are experiencing this far end of the spectrum, we recommend reaching out to a counsellor who has specific experience in this regard. A few that we are familiar with are below:

Food Allergy Anxiety: Counsellors

Carelessness with a Food Allergy

For many teens, this cavalier approach to managing a food allergy can be directly linked to wanting to fit in, and not be at all defined by their food allergy. However, as important as it is for teens and young adults to develop strong social bonds, it should not be at the expense of their health. For parents struggling with this phase, be empathetic, but emphasize thee non-negotiable items like carrying epinephrine and asking about ingredients when dining out.

Striking the balance is never easy and can ebb and flow through the years. But once you've found your "food allergy sweet spot", you can truly start to thrive and be confident with it.

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