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Thank you to our first 100 supporters on Etsy! To be honest, there were many times over the past year when we didn't know if this business re-launch would survive.⁠ Starting a new travel + dining out brand during a global pandemic was...an adventure.

When the world stopped travelling/dining out last April, we used our time off from selling cards to double down on building a better foundation. New cards, new translations, new card printer, new systems, new website, and soon new app. ⁠

It was all in hope that maybe this business could not only survive this pandemic, but come out of it in a much better place than when it entered. I'm proud of the work that went in and the team involved. ⁠

In addition to our website, Etsy has been a wonderful place to test our cards. We've made so many changes since our November launch with sales, pricing, images etc. etc., and we want to thank every single one of those first 100 customers for their trust in us. Your 5-star reviews along the way help push us onwards!⁠

Kyle Dine Equal Eats

Kyle Dine
Equal Eats

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