Equal Eats on Desserted Podcast

Kyle Dine, Founder of Equal Eats Food Allergy Cards


Our founder Kyle Dine was recently interviewed on the Desserted podcast. It's a great show where guests detail which three dishes they would bring to a deserted island. Find out Kyle's favourite 3, and learn why he is not a "foodie" by listening at:


Show notes:

DESSERTERS, this is a GREAT episode. 

In this episode, we talk to the Kyle, Founder of Equal Eats. At the beginning of the episode, Kyle informed us that he wasn't a foodie, but something happened when he was DESSERTED on the island. We talk family, children, equal eats, food products, travel, dating and much more! 

Follow Kyle @kyledinemusic and @equal_eats on Instagram

Website: Equal Eats

So, join us whilst we dive deep into Kyle's experiences.

Brands Kyle Loves:

Enjoy Life Foods


Quaker (Canada)

Dare Foods (Canada)

Nestle (Canada)


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