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Kyle Dine Equal Eats

What a difference a year makes! My daughter grew, and so did my mind during my one year back at school. I completed a Masters in Management Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MMIE ‘19) at Queen’s University in Kingston, ON. The first picture is just before I started. I was nervous, and still unsure whether I made the right decision. The second picture is after I completed it, and confident that I made one of the best decisions of my life. 

What changed in between? Coming to grips that I can’t grow a successful company alone.

I realized:

  • I can’t build a company based on assumptions instead of hard research.
  • I can’t propose solutions unless I fully understand the problems.
  • I can’t create products without listening to what people truly need.
  • I can’t embrace innovation unless I accept that status quo is never enough.
  • I can’t be satisfied unless the company foundation is strong, stable and able to build upon.
  • I can’t think my ideas are the best just because I’m the CEO.

Ultimately, I humbly learned to be open-minded, curious, and adaptable. I don’t pretend to have the answers and am 100% fine admitting that.

The products will change. I will change. What remains rigid is a process that allows for growth and improvement. I’m grateful for higher education for helping me lay a foundation for Equal Eats.

Thanks for being a part of our journey!

Kyle Dine Equal Eats
Kyle Dine
CEO & Founder
Equal Eats

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