Equal Eats featured on the Allergy Lair Podcast


I was thrilled to recently join chef Martha Morgan (aka The Allergy Dragon) to chat about all things allergy, dining out and Equal Eats.

From Martha Morgan:

Turning Online Friendships into IRL Friendships is so amazing to me. The food allergy community is so amazing to me. In the face of adversity, limits, and being always prepared.

This is a community that has made changes and continues to do so. Sometimes we get so poisoned by the negative we can not see how far we have come. We ask ourselves are we even making a difference? We forget to take a minute, look around, and live in the moment. Lucky for me, an online friend turned into an IRL Friend.

Kyle Dine the creator of Equal Eats, joined me in this episode of The Allergy Dragon's Lair to remind me of all those things! Have you ever thought traveling was not an option for you? Listen to this episode, and hear how Kyle travels the world with his allergies.

About Kyle: Kyle grew up with multiple food allergies since the age of two. Managing severe life-threatening allergies in the '80s and 90's was not easy. His parents had a tough time convincing other people that allergies were even real. He often felt excluded from events and made to feel like a burden because of his food allergies. This made Kyle take risks with his allergies and become a homebody.

Kyle started Equal Eats, wanting to provide a better way for our community to communicate abroad, so they could feel more confident while enjoying the world. We all deserve an equal opportunity to live and enjoy a normal meal...just like everyone else.

About Equal Eats: https://equaleats.com/?ref=ng6fgw30pm About Allergy Dragon: https://linktr.ee/allergydragon


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