Equal Eats App Launches for Android Devices

Android Allergy App

We are excited to announce the launch of the Equal Eats app for Android devices! Equal Eats is an app that helps people with food allergies and dietary restrictions communicate their needs to others. The app allows users to create customized allergy cards within the app, which can then be saved, shared with others, and translated into 50 languages.

The Equal Eats app is easy to use. Simply create an account and add your allergies and dietary restrictions. Then, you can choose from a variety of card templates to create your own allergy card.

Once you have created your allergy card, you can save it to your phone or share it with others. You can also subscribe to a monthly or annual plan to unlock the ability to toggle your cards across 50 languages.

The Equal Eats app is a valuable tool for anyone with food allergies or dietary restrictions. It can help you feel confident dining out, traveling, and interacting with others.

Download the Equal Eats app today and start communicating your needs with confidence!

"I love this app. I had a change in flights once going to Copenhagen instead of Paris, and I didn't have allergy cards for Denmark. I was able to use the app instead and it helped so much!


The Equal Eats app is free to use for creating and sharing cards in English. If you would like to access your card(s) across our 50 available languages, you can select:

  • Monthly subscription: $14.99/month (USD)
  • Annual subscription: $34.99/year (USD)

You can easily cancel your subscription at any time through your app store "subscriptions" settings.

Download the app today!

The Equal Eats app is available for download on the Google Play Store. Download it today and start communicating your needs with confidence!

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