=Eats Allergy Cards


An equal seat at the table. Isn't that all of us deserve with dietary restrictions?

I've lived with multiple food allergies all of my life, and still:

  1. I feel stress just finding a safe place to eat.
  2. I feel like a burden making my order.
  3. I feel anxiety when taking my first bite.
  4. Sadly, I feel comfort knowing that my EpiPen can save my life by covering for someone else’s mistake.

After all of this time, l've become conditioned to feel that I'm the problem, that I'm the inconvenience, and the best solution for all is for me to stay home.

There are many solutions out there to help solve certain elements of this problem. Whether it be on customer communication (e.g. Equal Eats allergy cards), directories of "allergy safe" restaurants, training programs and even food sensors.

Yet, this problem is bigger than one element. It's the entire foodservice system.

We are at the early stages of tackling it. If you want to join us, please follow us on Instagram for latest updates.

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