Leap of Faith Dining Out with Food Allergy

Leap of Faith Dining with Food Allergies

Proper labelling. Proper procedures. Proper transparency. We’re not asking for much.

Personally, I’m getting tired of dealing with inconsistency of the handling of my allergies and my wife’s celiac disease. Most of my reactions happened because something wasn’t done properly. Shortcuts were taken, assumptions were made, wording wasn’t thought through, space was saved, etc. I'm tired of food delivery apps having "allergy friendly" filters that are ambiguous and lack an actual policy behind them.

To the companies that do a great job with allergies and restrictions, we appreciate you more than you know. You give us confidence during every single bite...and that’s how we truly enjoy food.

We look forward to announcing more at Equal Eats on how we are attempting to help solve this huge problem. Join our mailing list to get updates and join the movement.

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