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Custom Allergy Cards for Multiple Food Allergies

With our professional in-house card printer, we are able to create a fully customized card for your dietary restrictions. We have 500 allergens available to translate into 50 languages.

Our translations go through a 3-tiered process to ensure they are accurate. We want to make sure that you can use your card confidently knowing that it will be understood. This is truly what sets a premium apart from a DIY Google Translate free allergy translation card. BTW - Please don't risk that with a life-threatening food allergy.

When you create a customized food allergy card, you have three options for the two card sides:

  1. English --> Foreign Language
  2. Foreign Language --> Foreign Language
  3.  English --> QR code (links to more general allergy info)

We added number two (foreign --> foreign) for those cases where you are trying to cut down on cards and save some money. 

A custom allergy translation card is an effective way to ensure your allergies are understood. When you're traveling with a food allergy, you need to vigilant. A food allergy abroad, should be taken as seriously as a food allergy at home.

Create your custom allergy card today, and start ensuring your food allergies are noted and understood when dining out and travelling.


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