Catalin Varela - The Celiac in Italy: Equal Seat at the Table Interview

If you or a loved is affected by celiac disease and have ever dreamed about visiting Italy... you should meet Catalin Varela. Also known as The Celiac in Italy. 

Earlier this year, Catalin joined the Equal Eats team to take the reigns on our social media accounts. Since then, she has brought our community together through thought provoking content in meaningful heart-felt engagement.

It was a pleasure to "sit down" with Catalin in an interview to discuss how she ended up living as an American in Italy (who now speaks fluent Italian), and began created invaluable resources for travellers with celiac disease. 

Check out her Italian celiac-friendly city guides for travelling safely in Italy. She also can assist with one on one trip planning and consulting. Check out her website at and connect with her directly on Instagram.


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