Best Food Allergy Chef Cards


The Best Food Allergy Chef Cards

That was our "north star" when we fully redesigned our Equal Eats Allergy Cards. We started with the question "How might people enjoy food safely everywhere?" This lead us to a lot of answers on customer and foodservice side, but the first step is creating an accurate communication tool. Once food service staff know your dietary restrictions, they can prepare and cook accordingly.


What's unique about Equal Eats Cards?

Unlike cards that have a simple statement about a food allergy, we have purposely built our cards to call-out crucial information, have a clear message, and a strong call-to-action.


Best Food Allergy Cards - Equal Eats



Accurate Equals Taken Seriously

Our process is intense. We use a 5 step system to ensure our cards have the most accurate food allergy information listed in any of our 50 languages offered.

Equal Eats Error Free Allergy Translation Cards

Where can I get an allergy card for free?

We offer free digital cards on our digital portal. However we hear from customers that often chefs want to see the card, and many are not comfortable with their phone heading into the kitchen. A plastic card is durable and can easily be stored in your wallet or purse for many future dining uses. 


Plastic and Free Digital Food Allergy Chef Cards


Where can I order Allergy Chef Cards?

Start with our order page and select whether you need a card stating one food allergy or special diet, or if you need a customized card listing either multiple food allergies or intolerances. We even have multiple restriction cards that combine different categories of dietary restrictions. Whatever your avoidance is, we can make a card tailored just for you or your loved ones.


Thanks for stopping by, and please get in touch with any questions!

Kyle Dine Equal Eats Founder

Kyle Dine
Equal Eats
(Allergies to peanut, tree nut, egg, seafood, mustard)

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