Behind the Design - Why an Equal Eats Card?

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Allergy Translation Cards

Allergy Cards for Travel: What your card should contain.

We love being detail-oriented :) We love even more that our details are all driven by YOU! We've surveyed 1,000+ people and interviewed dozens to find out exactly what they would appreciate on a premium dietary communication card. Below we break down why every element is there:

  • Classification
    • Category defined to distinguish from allergy, celiac, intolerance, & more.
  • Main statement
    • Clear statement to get most essential point across.
  • Stark colours
    • Minimal colours to contrast essential info.
  • Credibility
    • We have been around since 2006. Recently rebranded as Equal Eats, we have the experience in providing cards that restaurant staff truly appreciate.
  • Icon
    • Display allergen visually to help with accessibility.
  • Description
    • Highlight severity while reiterating allergy.
  • Cross-contact
    • Reminder of clean practices for food prep and handling. 
  • Gratitude
    • Appreciation for efforts to keep us safe.
  • Call to action
    • Statement that demands a response.
  • Sources
    • Remind what foods allergen can be in.


Why these details? Food allergies and dietary restrictions are a big deal. They are often misunderstood. We believe taking care of the small details helps alleviate some of the big worries, to help you truly enjoy your meal knowing you are understood.

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