Alessia - Equal Eats Ambassador

Equal Eats Ambassador Profile

Meet Alessia, one of our incredible 2023 Equal Eats Ambassadors.


Biomedical Engineer

What are some of your favourite hobbies, interests and activities?

Sports, reading books, travel, knitting...

What countries have you travelled to?

Spain, UK, Israel, Italy, Croatia, Germany, Austria, France, Luxembourg, Ireland, Greece.

What's your dream travel destination?

Vietnam, Nepal, Netherlands, USA,

What's your relationship to dietary restrictions? (e.g. you/your child, allergy/celiac)

My child allergic, my partner intolerant, my brother allergic.

What led you to become an Equal Eats ambassador? (why is their mission important to you?)

I hope that all my relatives feel safe and free to travel and to live the life they want. I hope in a more aware world and I hope people become more empathetic.

What do you find is the most challenging aspect of managing a dietary restriction?

Trust people is the most challenging aspect of managing food allergy and similar. People, especially in Italy, anaware and shallow about dietary restriction and don't take seriously your problem.

What's the one bright side you have found of managing a dietary restriction?

More awareness in managing food and similar. More care and attention.

What's your goal or impact you'd like to achieve being an Equal Eats ambassador?

I hope that people feel safe managing dietary restrictions in everyday life and also during travel around the world. I hope that connection with people all around the world make people more aware about other way of managing this challenge and also bring aware about the limits they have and the potential of other ways (more knowledge about it).

Where can people follow or connect with you?

 Instagram @theunconventionalkitchen_  we are working for website and newsletter (working in progress).

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