15 Year Anniversary of Equal Eats

Equal Eats Allergy Cards 15 Year Anniversary

Wow! 15 years! In April 2006, "Allergy Translation" was started in a computer lab at the University of Ottawa (🇨🇦). The idea came a year earlier after I experienced an allergic reaction travelling through Europe due to a language barrier. It was so scary. I remember thinking about allergies abroad a few days before my trip, but there was no digital solution for allergy cards. Only ones you had to wait for in the mail.

I was in my final year of studies, and decided to start my own business to help the food allergy community. I’ve learned so much along the way. I've use my allergy translation cards all over the world and have been so happy with the response wherever they're used. Chefs truly appreciate allergy cards. That's probably why many call them "chef cards"!

15 years later, a brand change to "Equal Eats" and an expansion from digital-only products to now physical plastic cards, I am as committed as ever to helping people stay safer when dining out and travelling with food allergies. We all deserve to eat safely, and we all deserve to travel.

It's been a ride. We've been on the Martha Stewart Show, CNN, in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times. We're happy others have taken notice of how essential food allergy travel cards are!

Thanks for your all of your support!

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