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Zestful Food Allergy Profile

Welcome to our first Equal Eats Equalizers feature! The Free From community is filled with incredible champions who work tirelessly to foster inclusion, support and empathy for all.

Our goal is to highlight the hero’s behind free-from brands and organizations, and tell the human story behind them. They are a source of inspiration for creating social impact by solving a problem surrounding dietary restrictions.

We are thrilled to feature Kortney and Shahlah from the Zestfull.

Meet the Zestfull!

Kortney & Shahla
Co-Founders: The Zestfull

Kortney and Shahla from Zestfull

Connection to Dietary Restrictions

We serve the atopic community: allergies, asthma and eczema. We focus more on food allergies, but do acknowledge that many people in the community manage multiple atopic conditions. Kortney: I have only known life with food allergies. Shahla: My daughter has food allergies.


Why did you start Zestfull?

There are a lot of great organizations for people living with food allergies, however their focus is really towards newly diagnosed and providing information on the practical side of an allergy life, such as protocols and medical information. We felt there was a gap in the information available about actually living with food allergies. What about mental health and wellbeing? What about the emotions you are bound to encounter? We want to show that it is possible to thrive and life a zestfull life, food allergies and all.

The Zestfull Website

What is Zestfull?

Zestfull is a nonprofit with a mission to empower, support and improve the emotional, physical and social well-being of individuals managing food allergies, asthma and eczema.

We understand that food allergies, asthma and eczema are so much more than a medical diagnosis. Our founders, team and contributors live with these conditions too.

Garam Masala Zestfull Recipe

Ingredients needed to make Garam Masala as part of the Zestfull series called Flavors of Culture, which explores how people with food allergies make meals from their culture allergy friendly. 

How are you adding "zest" to the lives of our community?

Through programs, resources and digital media, our focus is to connect the global food allergy community, foster partnerships with different organizations and provide tools to enhance the quality of life with allergic conditions. We want to help you thrive and celebrate your life!

Where can people connect with Zestfull?

Follow on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, or sign-up for their newsletter at

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