Nut Allergy in Spanish

How to say nut allergy in Spanish

How do I say "I have a tree nut allergy" in Spanish?

Tengo alergia a los frutos secos/nueces de arbol.
Tree Nut Allergy Translation in Spanish

If you really want to make sure they understand that you have a tree nut allergy, and be taken seriously, we recommend listing all of the individual tree nuts in Spanish.

This is why we've made Spanish Tree Nut Allergy Translation Cards. They help take out some of the stress of communicating in Latin America, while being taken seriously with a professional plastic card. 


Don’t take a chance with an online translator app that will simply state “tree nut allergy in Spanish”. Communicate your allergy in Spanish with confidence! Our Spanish allergy cards is one of our bestsellers partly because it is the official language of 20 countries, many of which are popular travel destinations.

Nut Allergy in Spanish

Peanut Allergy in Spanish

If you are also need to communicate that you have a peanut allergy in Spanish, we have a combination peanut and tree nut allergy card where you can feature both allergies in Spanish.

Order either the tree nut allergy card in Spanish, or the combination peanut and tree nut allergy.



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