Nut Allergy in Italian

how to say Nut Allergy in Italian

How do I say "I have a nut allergy" in Italian?

Sono allergico alla frutta a guscio.Equal Eats Italian Nut Allergy Card for Travel in Italy

However this one line doesn't really get much across. If you really want to your nut allergy to be taken seriously, we recommend listing all individual tree nuts in Italian. This includes almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, pistachio nuts, and walnuts.

We created Italian Tree Nut Allergy Translation Cards to help you dine safer in Italy. A plastic professionally translated allergy card goes a long way in chefs and servers truly understanding your nut allergies.


Don’t take a chance with an online translator app that will simply state “tree nut allergy in Italian”. Communicate your allergy in Italy confidently! Rome, Venice, Florence and Naples await - wishing you safe travels!

Nut Allergy in Italian

Peanut Allergy in Italian

If you need to communicate that you also have a peanut allergy, check out our peanut and tree nut allergy card where you can feature both allergies in Italian.



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