How to Say Gluten Free in Spanish?

Gluten Free Spanish Translation

If you are travelling to a Spanish-speaking country with celiac disease, it's important that you have a plan for communicating your diet effectively. Nothing ruins an amazing trip like being "glutened". Here's a few lines to remember:

"Gluten Free" in Spanish

  • "Sin Gluten"

We'd recommend taking it a practical step further and learn how to say "I cannot eat gluten."

I cannot eat gluten" in Spanish

  • "No puedo comer gluten"

If you really want to make sure they understand what foods are gluten-free, and be taken seriously, we recommend:

  • "I have celiac disease and I cannot eat gluten. Gluten is in wheat, barley and rye. Is this food safe for me"

This translation is a bit lengthy and hard to remember, which is why we've made Spanish Gluten Free Translation Cards. They help take out some of the stress of communicating in Spanish, while being taken seriously with a professional plastic card. 

Play it safe, use an Equal Eats card

Gluten Free in Spanish


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