Equal Eats Coming to Europe

Equal Eats Coming to Europe

We are very excited for our upcoming expansion to Europe! We did a lot of research and decided that it makes the most sense to set up shop in the U.K!

We're finding many of our website visitors and orders are originating from the U.K. We're frustrated that international shipping is both costly, and takes weeks to arrive.

What about mainland Europe? With Brexit, obviously shipping is no longer as simple as it used to be. However we're happy that our products will be much more accessible vs. regular shipping from the U.S.A. Perhaps our next print/ship centre will be Europe - thanks for bearing with us as we move step by step!

Our goal is to get Equal Eats cards everywhere, and this is an exciting step to reaching a much larger community than North America.

We aim to launch our U.K. operation on November 1st. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates.

Kyle Dine
Equal Eats

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