Allergy Translation Relaunches as Equal Eats

The team at Allergy Translation Inc. is pleased to announced a company rebrand to Equal Eats. 

Along with the new brand name, the company has redesigned all of its dietary communication cards using new processes that aim to provide even more effective and accurate travel cards.

Kyle Dine, the founder of Equal Eats says that the new vision of the company came out of his recent experience completing a master's program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management (MMIE) at Queen's University. "For years I've wanted to overhaul the business and modernize our offering to our wonderful customers. Queen's University helped me get back to the basics and build a new foundation based on research, innovation, and strategic processes." was in operation from 2006-2020 and provided digital allergy translation cards. With Equal Eats, Dine growing its offering to include plastic cards. "Our customers pointed out how much they value plastic cards when travelling. It's useful to have a translation card on your phone as a back-up, but most restaurants prefer a durable plastic card that they can easily bring to the kitchen to show the chef."

"I'm also happy that we've expanded our offering to include cards for more dietary restrictions which aligns with our goal of helping everyone get an equal seat at the table, regardless of their dietary restriction." says Dine. Along with cards for food allergy, the company provides dining cards for celiac disease, intolerances, special diets and religion-based diets.

Dine remains optimistic throughout the current COVID-19 travel restrictions. "Relaunching a travel related company in a pandemic has not been a cakewalk, but it's also been an opportunity to grow a solid foundation so we can truly serve our customers when the world is ready to travel again."

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