Allergy Card for Wallet

Food Allergy Card for Wallet

Allergy Travel Card for Wallet

If you don't have an allergy card in your wallet, you're missing out on peace of mind when dining out and travelling. Having an allergy card in your wallet is handy, convenient, and useful in a pinch!

Why an allergy wallet card?

An allergy wallet card is there when you need it, to help in communicating your food allergies to wait staff and others. You may not always need it, but when you do, you'll be glad that you have it available.

Where can I get an allergy wallet card?

Equal Eats offers two types of Allergy Cards for your wallet:

Plastic Allergy CardsAllergy Wallet Cards

Wait staff love our plastic cards that are the exact size of a credit card and made from the same PVC plastic. A plastic allergy card helps wait staff know that you take your food allergies seriously, and they should too. 

Digital Allergy Cards

Digital Allergy Wallet Card

Need a free allergy wallet card? Our English Allergy Cards are 100% free. They can be downloaded and shown as an image on your phone, or printed on your own printer. The printed paper copy is the exact size of a credit card. For an extra fee, you can purchase a digital translation card, which also prints as a wallet card.

Allergy Translation Wallet Cards

Allergy Wallet Cards in 50 Languages

Whether you prefer plastic or paper, Equal Eats offers translated food allergy cards in 50 languages. Wherever you are in the world, we’ve got you covered with allergy wallet cards.
What allergy card is in your wallet?

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