Celiac Disease QR Card
Celiac Disease QR Card
Celiac Disease QR Card
Celiac Disease QR Card
Celiac Disease QR Card
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Celiac Disease QR Card

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Celiac QR Cards: a plastic card unlocking everything you would want others to know about celiac disease, and in 50 languages!

It’s your contactless pass to effective communication of your gluten free restrictions. We think of it like a digital Swiss Army knife with valuable features ready for when you need them.

QR Accessed Digital Card Pages include:
  • More info on celiac disease
  • More info on sources of gluten
  • More info on preventing cross-contact
  • Copy button to make it easy to copy your card’s text, and paste it into text messages, emails, and the “allergy notes section” of food delivery/takeout apps
  • Print button to print unlimited paper copies at home. Great for simply giving away.
  • Translation into 50 languages (upgrade coming early 2021)

Where would I use this?
  • Restaurants
  • Delivery services (paste card into into Uber Eats order notes)
  • Relatives (print copies for their fridge)
  • Teachers/coaches
  • Foreign speakers (ethnic restaurant or overseas)

Who created these?
  • A passionate advocate who lives with multiple food allergies and celiac disease in his household.
  • A team of 50 advisors from allergy, celiac and other dietary communities
  • Special advisors include non-profit orgs, dieticians, nurses, chefs, and wait staff

Why should I use a card when I'm able to simply state my restrictions?
  • Chefs are incredibly busy and appreciate seeing your exact avoidances in writing
  • Restaurant communication is often similar to a game of broken telephone
  • A high quality card helps convey the seriousness of your condition

When you take your restrictions seriously, others will too!