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Alpha Gal Allergy Card
Equal Eats Alpha Gal Meat Allergy Card
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Alpha Gal Allergy (Plastic Card)

Alpha Gal Allergy (Plastic Card)

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Alpha Gal Allergy Card

An Equal Eats alpha gal allergy restaurant card helps communicate your meat allergy iso you are understood and taken seriously when dining out.

The message:

  • 🥩 Meat Allergy (alpha gal syndrome) Overview
  • 🗒️ List of Foods that must be avoided
  • 🚫 Warning about Cross Contact
  • 🙏 A Note of Thanks!

You'll be met with warm appreciation when your message is shown on a professionally translated high quality card in a server or chef's native language.

The product:

  • 💳 Credit-Card Size
  • 💪 Durable Plastic Card

    Note: We currently only ship to USA, Canada and the United Kingdom. If outside of those countries, you can still order digital cards.

    When can I expect my card?

    • U.S. orders: within 4-8 days of ordering. 
    • U.K. orders: within 3-5 days of ordering.
    • Canada orders: within 10-14 days of ordering.
    What should I do if I need a card before then?
    • Order a digital card for instant download.
    • We will bring back priority shipping when USPS will resume guaranteeing delivery times.

    Do you ship to Europe?

    How much does shipping cost?

    • U.K., U.S. - Free Shipping

    Where are cards shipped from?

    • Maryland, USA
    • Southampton, U.K.

    Will I receive a tracking number?

    • U.K. & Canada Orders: No. We use Royal Mail 1st Class, no tracking.
    • U.S. Orders. We use USPS tracked package.

    Do have a return policy?

    • Refunds will be provided for any reason related to dissatisfaction of card content.

    Can I cancel my order?

    • Yes! Mistakes happen, but please try to notify us within 24 hours.

    We pride ourselves in establishing a process that strives for high product quality and translation accuracy. However, due to factors such different dialects, unknown foods abroad, food translation is not an exact science. We have life-threatening food allergies too, and have created our products in good faith to help our community eat safer. Please read our full disclaimer statement.

    Keep you and your loved ones safe


    Created with chefs and professional translators


    Well designed and hard to misinterpret


    Easy to carry and durable wallet size cards

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    Professional Allergy Translation Cards by Equal Eats

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    Customer Feedback


    Thank you!! Will feel better sending my son in his school trip with these!


    I was so excited when my card arrived! It looks super professional and I love how the information is displayed on the card, particularly the fact that there's a direct question to the server to check whether a dish contains my allergen and then a 'thank you' message too. It also feels really great to have something so tangible about my allergies that I can carry around with me – I'm definitely going to be showing this to my friends!


    These cards were a lifesaver in Switzerland. One of the chefs said the equal eats card was the best he’s seen. I feel like they kept me safe when I had to work through a language barrier. I highly recommend Equal Eats.

    J. Lokes

    Works great when used in local establishments in Japan.

    "This is the best card I've ever seen"
    Chef Appreciated

    We consulted with chefs and servers when designing our cards to make sure this is the message they need to hear. The result? A product they truly appreciate because it makes their job of accommodating guests easier.

    Quality Matters
    Equal Eats

    Hi, I'm Kyle and I have multiple food allergies. I used to create my own allergy translation cards with Google Translate 💬, some clip art 🚫, and a printer 🖨 .

    The results were inaccurate, flimsy and met with confusion from wait staff. I became embarrassed to use them, and relied on learning to speak key phrases instead.

    While travelling in Europe, this plan backfired. I had a scary allergic reaction because my tree nut allergies were not understood. I needed a better solution.

    I consulted with 2,000 people from our community to design the content of our cards with a goal to create the most accurate and effective dietary cards available.

    With an Equal Eats card, you can feel confident your restrictions will be taken seriously, helping you enjoy food, everywhere.

    Kyle Dine
    Founder & CEO
    (Allergic to 🥜 🌰 🥚 🐟)

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