Italian Celiac Card

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Equal Eats Italian Celiac Cards

When they get it right, you eat safe.

Your PASS to:
  • Providethe right message
  • To the right person
  • In the right language
  • In writing
  • Assistance in selecting safe food
  • Confirmation that your meal is safe for you or your child

Relax and truly enjoy your meal knowing your restrictions are understood and catered to.  

Material: PVC Plastic 
Size: Credit Card

Created with: Consumers (allergy, celiac +) and industry (chefs, non-profits)
Translations: Professional translation agency
Proofread 1: Professional proofreader
Proofread 2: Native speaker

Equal Eats

We don't skip the details

We set out to create premium dietary cards with every detail scrutinized. Our team consists of parents, chefs, wait staff, nutritionists, translators, and more. We're dedicated to helping you gain an equal seat at the table, regardless of your dietary restriction.

Kyle Dine


As a chef I embrace every food allergic guest, but it is a partnership. To safely serve you I need accurate information and when you present an allergen or special dietary needs card it makes my job a bit easier.

Chef Keith Norman, South Point Hotel, Las Vegas

We have used translation cards in both France and Greece.  The peace of mind and usability of cards were fantastic.  Heading to middle east on next trip, and despite having a working knowledge of Arabic, we wouldn't take a trip abroad without a translation card.