QR Code Features: Pre-Set English Cards

Equal Eats Allergy Cards QR

All of our English pre-set cards (one allergen) include a QR code on the backside.

It's a great solution for our eternal issue: how can we squeeze more important info onto a credit card-sized card!?

With the QR, you can scan and get so much more!

  1. Contactless Viewing: others can simply scan the QR and see the card pop up on their phone. No password required.

  2. More Info: each card has more information regarding sources of the allergen, and other names for it. We are so proud to have partnered with FAACT to provide this information.

  3. View in 5 Languages: YES! You can toggle your card between English, Spanish, Italian, French and German.

  4. Print Paper Copies: Just in case you want to have a lot of cards on you and hand them out. Print as many as you need. Just cut on the dotted lines!

  5. Copy/Paste Card Info: Simply press the "copy" button, and all of the text from the card will be copied to your clipboard. Paste in a text, an email, or the notes section of UberEats or other delivery services. Handy!

Check out the selection of pre-set cards!

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