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Dietary Food Allergy Cards

Dietary Communication Cards 

What do you call them? We have seen a lot of different terms describing our products. Mostly because they offer such a personalized product depending on what condition you need it for, and where you intend to use it. For instance, what might be an "allergy restaurant card" for one, could be a "catered event intolerance pass" to another.

Whatever you call it, we've got it, so please browse around our website or use the search bar in header.

Allergy Cards by Equal Eats

Here is our ongoing list of names for essentially the same product.

The List

  • Dietary Communication Cards
  • Dietary Cards
  • Chef Cards
  • Allergy Chef Cards
  • Restaurant Cards
  • Allergy Business Cards
  • Allergy ID Cards
  • Food Allergy ID Cards
  • Allergen Cards
  • Allergy Alert Cards
  • Allergy Menu Cards
  • Catering Cards
  • Editable Allergy Cards
  • Printable Allergy Cards
  • Customizable Allergy Cards
  • Custom Allergy Cards
  • Food Allergy Alert Cards
  • Allergy Travel Cards
  • Food Allergy Travel Cards
  • Food Allergy Language Cards
  • Allergy Translate Cards
  • Allergy Dining Cards
  • Celiac Travel Cards
  • Allergy Translation Cards
  • Food Allergy Translation Cards
  • Dietary Translation Cards

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